small victories BIG JOYS!! part 1

This little story revolves around the screening of my film at Quai Branly Museum, Paris on 1st Dec 2010
"From the Mediatised to the Real - The Story of a Personal Journey" French - Dogon, 21 min - Peeyush Sekhsaria, IRD
Sitting in Bangalore I was wondering if I would get any news of the screening, so I was pleasantly surprised to read the following mail (its been translated into English)

I saw your message on my return from Quai Branly Museum. Bernard Surugue had asked me to present the film and to say all the good that we think of the man and his work. Your film was very well received. 
With warm regards
Emile Le Bris

Emile Le Bris is an internationally renowned Urban Geographer,  Director of Research at prestigious French Research Institution IRD, and Bernard Surugue, Ethnomusicologist, film maker heads the audio visual laboratory at IRD. They along with Chantal Blanc Pamard , Director of Research at prestigious EHESS provided me with the platform to make my film as part of my M. Phil in Geography. I was also lucky to have them as my guides for my M. Phil dissertation. 

The film isn't such a big deal, if one asks me, though to have it screened at Quai Branly Museum is a small victory for sure. But to have Emile Le Bris who was actually responsible for creating the possibility, to present it and write back with his dry suttle humour is a BIG JOY! 

Merci Emile, Bernard, Chantal et toute l'equipe de l'IRD Audio Visuel

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great :) congratulations!